• Sports Medicine

  • Sports medicine helps relieve your pain and discomfort from a sports-related injury. It has the potential to promote healing. Many of the patients who come into Rekover Chiropractic Center, serving Lehi, Saratoga Springs, Pleasant Grove, Draper, Lindon may utilize chiropractic care to enhance their performance.


    Our chiropractic doctor sees patients for sports-related injuries. Although we treat areas throughout the entire body, our chiropractor commonly sees patients who have shoulder, neck or back injuries. Sometimes, the issue is because of overuse of the muscles working too hard or too frequently. Our chiropractor regularly sees patients who have strains or sprains. Strains are injuries that affect the muscles or tendons. Generally, it occurs when your pull, twist or quickly tear a muscle. Sprains are injuries that affect the ligaments, which are thick bands of cartilage. They're responsible for connecting one bone to another. A sprain occurs as the result of the stretching or tearing of the ligaments.

    Enhancing Your Performance

    A chiropractor has the potential to enhance your sports performance. The treatments that the chiropractor provides will increase your range of motion, strength and flexibility. They even have the potential to increase your coordination, balance and reaction time.


    For patients who experience back or neck pain, our chiropractic doctor will provide chiropractic adjustments. This treatment consists of our chiropractor moving the vertebrae in the back using a sharp, yet gentle, force that realigns the spine. By realigning the spine, we take pressure off of the nerves and soft tissue surrounding the spine such as in the upper or lower back or shoulder. By relieving pressure, we relieve the pain you’re experiencing. Patients who receive an alignment will have more blood flow to the area, which optimizes the healing process.

    Spinal decompression has the potential to stretch the spine and reduce pressure on the discs and nerves. This is ideal if you have a bulging or herniated disc.

    Our sports medicine chiropractor may provide you with patient education to help you prevent injuries in the future. Our chiropractor will recommend nutritional changes, supplements and other lifestyle changes that help you recover from an injury.

    We utilize exercise therapy as well. During exercise therapy treatments, our chiropractor guides you through exercises designed to strengthen your muscles and increase your flexion and range of motion. The chiropractor will suggest exercises you can do at home to further the benefits.

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