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  • Dr. Ryan Averett DC, MS

    Dr. Ryan Averett DC, MS enlisted in the Utah Army National Guard right before high school graduation from San Juan High School.  Although his time in the service was shortened by injury and hardship, he is a strong supporter to those proudly serving our great nation. As he was serving, he also started his professional education at Provo College, where he earned his Associate's in Massage Technology in 2007. He went onto also earn a certification in Surgical Technology, in 2008 from Ameritech College, where he served as part of the operating room staff. From this experience, he found his true passion for helping people and decided that sports medical science is where he could best serve his community. In 2010, he took the first steps into sports medicine by attending Utah Valley University for a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science, and was selected for early admission to the doctoral program at the University of Western States in Portland, OR in 2014. He completed a Bachelor's of Human Biology in 2015, and then moved onto finish both a Doctor Chiropractic & Masters of Sports Medicine concurrently, in 2018. 

    His proudest achievement in his life, however, is his family. He is married to his wonderful wife Camille and has three sons: Riley, Blake, and Jackson. Together they enjoy many adventures both outdoors and around their bustling home. His love for helping people and serving his community has only grown through professional service and he diligently finds opportunities to show that to his patients, family, and friends.